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Client Testimonials 

“I want to thank you for everything. You not only helped me by allowing my son to have a Merry Christmas for most of his childhood, but you also suggested other agencies that have helped us. My baby has grown up and is now succeeding with honor roll mentions for his first year at college. He’s a smart kid and I credit you with helping develop that with allowing him to have a Christmas that was filled with love and having a few gifts under the tree from Santa. Childhood develops the adult, and my son is becoming a wonderful adult who wants to become a teacher. So, thank you. God Bless you. I hope you are able to give this love to many, many families for years to come.”  - 2020 Client

“This year has been crazy for sure. I will remember it with a warm heart because of your love. You didn’t have to help and donate your time…. but you did. Because of your love, my boys will have Christmas. Santa won’t forget them. They will know they are loved. They are our future lights of the world and they will continue expressing the love to others. My heart is full and this is my warm hug.”  - 2020 Client 

Supporter Testimonials 


“Participating in this program reiterated the importance of community involvement and making an effort to focus on others. … Connecting with the families on gift delivery day was also a great highlight. Hearing their stories and sharing the holiday spirit with others made all the planning worth it.”  - Kyrie Heck, SPX, Corporate Sponsor

“It felt good to know that we helped a child have a happy Christmas morning. … I was glad we were able to help a mom who was in a tough place.” - Natalie Sayers, First Time Sponsor

“It’s been a very good experience. … I like sponsoring families that need clothes for the children. I feel like I’m helping them a lot.” - Sharon Holzman, 14-Year Sponsor

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