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Our Story

Meet the Staff

Our Staff

Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County (CCC)  volunteer board of directors work diligently to promote the mission of CCC in the community, with clients and the media.

Sarah Hein

Executive Director 

I am involved with CCC because it’s important to find a cause that’s greater than yourself to work on personally, but also as a family. Everything we do at CCC stays local, so there’s a lot of pride in knowing what we do supports our neighbors close to home.

Deb Kucek

Office Administrator

I am involved with CCC becauseI am trained as an engineer, and I have a great appreciation for efficient and effective operations. I remain amazed at what has evolved from the beginnings of this organization decades ago. The idea that we have a countywide system; that every deserving family has the opportunity to receive gifts for their children; that our sponsors and donors can be sure that their donations go to families who are truly in need - it all seems like such a simple idea. Clearly it isn’t, or every county in the country would be doing this! 

Natalie Kranzman

Customer Service Coordinator

I am involved with CCC because my family began sponsoring families as a way of helping within our local community. We’ve had such wonderful experiences with the organization that I jumped at the chance for more involvement.

Andrea Landowski

Data Administrator

I am involved with CCC because I believe in what the organization stands for. 

Nancy McCaskey

I am involved with CCC because I believe Christmas is truly a magical time of year. This organization works hard with such determination to make sure the holiday is special for all families. Helping a family in need is such a rewarding experience. 

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