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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I’m currently living outside of Waukesha County but have plans to move into the county prior to Christmas?
    Contact our office at 262.771.0909 after Oct. 9. We will assist you with the application process and information necessary to qualify.
  • What if I forgot to add information or would like to change information on my submitted application?
    Email or call 262.771.0909 and our staff will make the changes.
  • I want to be sure my children receive help this Christmas. Should I apply to all the Christmas giving programs I can find?
    No. You may not receive gifting services from more than one organization. You might think you’re increasing your chances of getting help by applying to multiple agencies, but it’s delaying your application from being approved by any one organization. CCC works with several other giving organizations in the county to ensure giving remains fair for all and no family receives multiple forms of help while others are left out. If you do not get accepted at CCC, we will work to find you help based on your situation.
  • I have a friend or family member that needs help. Can I apply for them?
    Please encourage those who need our help to apply for assistance themselves. If a potential client needs help completing the online application or contacting our office, we welcome you to work with that family. There is a spot on the application to list your contact information as the person completing the application. Families are always welcome to contact our office themselves for assistance in applying as well.
  • I’m due to have my baby in December. Can I add this baby to my application?
    Yes. If your baby is due before March 25, you may add that child to your application for the current year. Please enter the due date as the child’s birthdate. Information pertaining to this child can be updated if Christmas assistance is needed in future years.
  • My spouse and I are separated or divorced. Can we both apply for our children?
    No. The parent or guardian with primary custody is the one who should apply. If parents have joint custody and both live in Waukesha County, they can alternate the years they apply for the children. If parents have joint custody, but one parent lives outside of Waukesha County, only the parent who lives in Waukesha County may apply.
  • Can I apply for my significant other’s children or my stepchildren?
    That depends. If you have custody of your significant other’s children, then you may apply for them. If you do not have custody, then the biological parent should apply, even if you and your significant other live in the same household.
  • I live with another friend or family member and their children. Can I put all living in the household on one application?
    No. Even though you are living at the same household, you must apply for only your children. Likewise, if the friend or family member you are living with needs our assistance, they must apply for only their children on a separate application.
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